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Join U-Report, Your voice matters.

How is the U-Report platform different from other social media platforms?

U-Report allows you to join with other young people and share your opinions and ideas, but keeps you and your identity safely hidden. It also allows you to listen to the opinions of young people outside of your regular social networks.

Regularly receiving poll results and information via U-Report might also give you some new ideas that can help you create change in your own life and community. You also might have the chance to participate in different project activities and make some new friends!

How does collecting data create change?

·It is easy to ignore things that are not seen or heard.  Making the issues that you care most about visible –to the public and decision-makers - is an important first step in creating the awareness and action that leads to lasting positive social change.

So, you’ve said data-collection is the first step in creating change. What’s the second?

Creating lasting social change takes time, and involves the energy, actions and decisions of many different actors and groups. U-Report works hard to create change on two fronts:

1)    Our project partners work to make sure that the responses and results that you provide are shared with the media, government and civil society so that your voices are heard and considered during their decision-making processes

2)    We also aim to provide results and other important information with our U-Reporters, to help equip you to take your own steps towards creating positive changes in your own lives & communities.

What kind of issues can we discuss on U-Report?

Social issues that matter to YOU! Over the past months, we have met countless young people and youth-organizations who have shared things that they want to discuss, including: employment, education, gender equality, street-racing, drugs & alcohol, reproductive health, climate change, mental health, child marriage, refugees, cyber security, volunteerism, bullying, racism, disability and more.

But isn’t this all kind of….political?

U-Report focuses on social issues and not national politics. (As a UN agency, UNICEF upholds the principle of neutrality which extends to the projects we support.) This means that U-Report will never be used to encourage support for a specific political party or figure. Similarly, we won’t ask you for information on your political affiliation or whether you endorse a specific political party or programme – that’s your business.

Who sees the responses we share?

Our messaging platform is hosted in the cloud, and connected to a secure offshore server. All responses appear in a back-end dashboard that is hidden from the public. We have a couple of project staff who regularly interact with the dashboard, but no identifying details appear there beyond those you’ve shared to create your profile. Your responses “appear” publicly only as part of a map or graph generated by the total incoming responses.

Do you share or sell your contact database?

Definitely not, and U-Report will never be used as a marketing channel for specific products or for-profit brands.

We will never ask for any personal or identifiable details such as your full name, date of birth, address or email address. If you ever receive a message asking for any of this details please contact us immediately.

Who are the current U-Report partners?

Our partner network is always growing. At the moment, we’re working with a wide range of youth-focused organizations that include different universities, DoSomethingGood, iM4U, R.AGE (under the Star Media Group), the Guides Association (WAGGGS) , JOAS, UNICEF and the Ministry of Youth. These partners suggest poll themes that relate to their areas of focus, and commit to using U-Report to better understand and respond to the issues that matter to young people in Malaysia.

Who chooses the poll questions and how is the selection made?

Our questions are a combination of suggestions made by our partners & UNICEF, as well as the suggestions you make via the U-Report channels. Our platform is able to track key word trends to help us identify emerging issues of importance. Sometimes we also coordinate our polls with other countries - usually when there is opportunity to present the results (your voices!) in really high-level forums (like the UN General Assembly and other global forums).

How do we receive the results?

General poll results will be shared back with you – via your U-Report channel of choice (Twitter, Facebook, U-Report app or SMS) – a few days after we’ve sent out the initial poll. You can also check our website for a more detailed breakdown of the results (and also to see the results of other polls we’ve run in the past).

Can we leave U-Report once we’ve joined?

Of course (though we sincerely hope you don’t). You choose which polls to respond to and, if you’d like to stop receiving message, just send the word “STOP” via your regular U-Report channel. Before you do though, we’d appreciate if you could send us a quick message explaining why so we can do our best to improve the experience for all U-Reporters. And, if you decide you miss us after all, we’d love to have you back!

I’m almost 15. Can I PLEASE be a U-Reporter?

Nope. We’re sorry. UNICEF works to protect the rights of children and have decided globally that 15 is the minimum age for participation in this platform. But we look forward to your participation the moment you turn 15.


IMPORTANT:  U-Report is not staffed by a real person and is not subject to 24hour surveillance. As such, we are unable to respond to urgent messages for help in real time.

If it is an emergency and you or someone else is in immediate danger, please phone emergency services on 999.

Need support?

We understand that some of the issues being discussed may upset you. Perhaps you’re badly affected by bullying or stress, or someone has hurt or harmed you. If you need help on any issue, we want to guide you towards the right support at the exact time you need it. You have a right to be protected.

UReport does not have trained staff but there are a number of organisations that can assist you.

Befrienders KL provide emotional support for people who are lonely, in distress, in despair or having suicidal thoughts. The website (https://www.befrienders.org.my/) includes information which might help you or you can reach them at their hotline number which is (+603-79571306).

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) provides free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who experience abuse. The website (http://www.wao.org.my/) includes more information or you can directly contact them through their hotlines +603-79563488 or their 24 hour hotline number +6018 988 8058.

Cyber999 can be used to report internet-related abuse. Their hotline number is +6019 – 266 5850.


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